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KR Bluestem Summer Burn, July 27, 1988

by Bob Harms  email-here

Dense postgrazing KR on the left of the mown path.

Ashe juniper did die.
Burn edges on west and south defined by mown paths, July 27, 1988

On July 27, 1988, there had been a very light rain, c. 0.01", followed in mid afternoon by a high temperature of 97° F and many dry lightning strikes all around our cabin. One strike had hit a brush pile just east of a large KR field and continued to simmer without producing any smoke. We left in the evening unaware of this, and when I returned two days later, my gate lock had been cut and in our valley discovered a large blackened field defined by paths I had recently mown. I was told by a neighbor that that evening someone in the area noticed the smoke and notified the Dripping Springs volunteer fire department. They had opened my gate, gone down the steep road to the valley to the fire site, but decided to let the fire burn itself out.

KR tufts Yucca (did survive)
Details of initial burn effects.