Welcome to the Jha Lab research website!¬† Shalene Jha is an assistant professor in UT Austin’s Department of Integrative Biology.

Broadly, the Jha Lab investigates ecological and evolutionary processes from genes to landscapes, to quantify global change impacts on plant-animal interactions, movement ecology, and the provisioning of ecosystem services.

Our work has provided insight into the environmental drivers of pollinator diversity, has revealed the complex and dynamic nature of wild pollinator foraging, and has exposed critical urbanization and elevation barriers to plant and pollinator gene flow across historic and contemporary time periods.

If you are a prospective graduate student interested in these topics (or any other related topics) – please check out the prospective student page!

If you are an environmental educator or a teacher looking for information about native bees in Texas, please visit the following pages: About Native Bees, Conservation, and Native Bee Communities (Research). You may download posters for educational purposes.