Flora of Purola Preserve, N. Hays County, Texas by Bob Harms email-here

Purola Preserve Introduced Species

Over 109 species have been introduced, both native and non-native (at times unwisely), since 1976, when Purola was badly overgrazed hillcountry ranchland. We were anxious to get anything at all to grow that would survive without care, including a small number of fruit trees and woody garden plants. In recent years only native Texas plants have been introduced, but these have also included natives from outside the Edward's Plateau hill country.

Most of these new species are listed below, keyed as to their origin by text color and superscript number, if known — as seen in the following table. (A small number of plants for which I have no picture have not been listed.)

  1. The nearby Texas hillcountry, especially in the vicinity of Barton Creek (37 species)
  2. E. Travis & Williamson Counties, especially from the prairie of NE Travis County (16 species)
  3. Native plant nurseries & the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center (14 species)
  4. Surviving only in cultivation in pots, from seeds. (3 species)
  5. Marshall Johnston U. Texas Rare Texas Plants Project (4 species)
  6. Near the Rio Grande Rive [Zapata Co.; Brewster Co. in the Big Bend] (3 species)
  7. Along the Medina River, Medina County (1 species)
  8. E. Texas wetlands (2 species)
  9. Along the Colorado River, Travis County (1 species)
  10. Seeds collected on the U. Texas campus (1 species)
  11. Fruit trees, Austin landscaping plants & plants of unknown origin (22 species)

Plants are listed by families (in two columns).

Acanthaceae / Acanthus family
Anisacanthus quadrifidus var. wrightii — flaming acanthus11
Dyschoriste linearis — snakeherb2
Aceraceae / Maple family
Acer grandidentatum — bigtooth maple3
Agavaceae / Agave family
Hesperaloe parviflora — red false yucca11
Yucca treculeana — Spannish daggar6
Anacardiaceae / Sumac family
Rhus microphylla — littleleaf sumac3
Cotinus obovatus — American smoketree3
Pistacia texana — Texas pistache3
Apiaceae / Carrot family
Polytaenia nuttallii — prairie parsley2
Aquifoliaceae / Holly family
Ilex vomitoria — yaupon3
Arecaceae / Palm family
Sabal brazoria sp. — Brazoria palmetto5
Sabal minor — dwarf palmetto1
Asteraceae / Sunflower family
Acmella oppositifolia — oppositeleaf spotflower1
Baccharis texana — prairie baccharis2
Brickellia eupatorioides var. gracillima — false boneset1
Brickellia eupatorioides var. texana — false boneset2
Centaurea americana — American basketflower2
Conoclinium coelestinum — blue mistflower1
Packera obovata — roundleaf ragwort1
Silphium albiflorum — white rosinweed2
Silphium integrifolium var. asperrimum — wholeleaf rosinweed1
Silphium laciniatum — compass plant1
Verbesina lindheimeri — Lindheimer's crownbeard11
Vernonia baldwinii x V. lindheimeri — ironweed hybrid2
Vernonia baldwinii — Baldwin ironweed2
Bixaceae / Chiote family
Amoreuxia wrightii — Wright's yellowshow4
Boraginaceae / Borage family
Onosmodium bejariense — softhair marbleseed1
Onosmodium helleri — Heller's marbleseed1
Bromeliaceae / Bromeliad family
Hechtia texensis — Texas false agave6
Caprifoliaceae / Honeysuckle family
Lonicera japonica — Japanese honeysuckle11
Lonicera sempervirens — trumpet honeysuckle9
Convolvulaceae / Morning-glory family
Ipomoea lindheimeri — blue morningglory1
Ebenaceae / Ebony family
Diospyros cultivar — Japanese persimmon11
Fabaceae / Pea family
Acacia berlandieri — guajillo5
Acacia hirta — prairie acacia1
Amorpha fruticosa — indigobush1
Bauhinia lunarioides — Anacacho orchid10
Dalea aurea — golden dalea1
Dalea compacta — compact prairieclover2
Desmodium paniculatum — panicled tickclover1
Gleditsia triacanthos — common honeylocust11
Leucaena retusa — littleleaf leadtree5
Mimosa aculeaticarpa var. biuncifera — catclaw mimosa6
Senna lindheimeriana — Lindheimer senna1
Fagaceae / Beech family
Quercus macrocarpa — bur oak11
Garryaceae / Garrya family
Garrya ovata ssp. lindheimeri — eggleaf silktassel1
Hydrangeaceae / Hydrangea family
Philadelphus texensis — Texas mockorange5
Hydrophyllaceae / Waterleaf family
Nemophila phacelioides — baby blue-eyes11
Phacelia congesta — blue curls1
Iridaceae / Iris family
Iris hexagona — Dixie iris8
Lauraceae /
Lindera benzoin — spicebush3
Lamiaceae / Mint family
Clinopodium brownei — Browne's savory1
Physostegia virginiana — fall obedient plant3
Rosmarinus officinalis — rosemary11
Salvia azurea — blue sage2
Salvia ballotiflora — shrubby blue sage7
Salvia engelmannii — Engelmann's sage2
Salvia farinacea — mealycup sage2
Salvia greggii — autumn sage11
Salvia lyrata — lyreleaf sage11
Salvia roemeriana — cedar sage1
Liliaceae / Lily family
Habranthus tubispathus — Rio Grande copperlily1
Hymenocallis caroliniana — Carolina spiderlily8
Zigadenus nuttallii — nuttall deathcamas1
Lythraceae / Loosestrife family
Lagerstroemia indica — crapemyrtle11
Malvaceae / Mallow family
Malvaviscus arboreus var. drummondii — Turk's cap1
Pavonia lasiopetala — Wright pavonia1
Marsileaceae / Water-clover family
Marsilea macropoda — bigfoot waterclover3
Moraceae / Mulberry family
Ficus carica — common fig11
Maclura pomifera — bois d'arc1
Onagraceae / Evening-primrose family
Oenothera macrocarpa — bigfruit eveningprimrose1
Papaveraceae / Poppy family
Papaver rhoeas — corn poppy1
Pinaceae / Pine family
Pinus eldarica — Afghan pine11
Punicaceae /
Punica granatum — pomegranate11
Ranunculaceae / Buttercup family
Aquilegia canadensis — American columbine4
Aquilegia hinckleyana — Hinckley's golden columbine4
Clematis pitcheri — pitcher clematis1
Clematis terniflora — sweet autumn virginsbower1
Ranunculus macranthus — showy buttercup1
Rhamnaceae / Buckthorn family
Berchemia scandens — Alabama supplejack11
Ceanothus herbaceus — jerseytea2
Colubrina texensis — Texas colubrina1
Rosaceae / Rose family
Chaenomeles japonica — flowering quince11
Malus ioensis — prairie crabapple3
Prunus angustifolia — chickasaw plum2
Prunus domestica — nursery plum11
Prunus mexicana — Mexican plum3
Prunus minutiflora — smallflower peachbrush2
Prunus persica — nursery peach11
Prunus rivularis — creek plum2
Pyracantha sp. — pyracantha11
Pyrus communis — nursery pear11
Rutaceae / Citrus family
Ptelea trifoliata — hoptree1
Sapindaceae / Soapberry family
Ungnadia speciosa — Mexican buckeye1
Scrophulariaceae / Figwort family
Leucophyllum frutescens — cenizo11
Maurandella antirrhiniflora — climbing snapdragon1
Penstemon cobaea — cobaea penstemon1
Smilacaceae / Greenbriar family
Smilax tamnoides — bristly greenbrier1
Verbenaceae / Vervain family
Callicarpa americana — American beautyberry1
Lantana urticoides — Texas lantana1
Violaceae / Violet family
Viola missouriensis — sand violet1