The Sporobolus compositus & Sporobolus vaginiflorus Complexes in Texas
by Bob Harms  email-here

The focus of these pages are the two Sporobolus groups commonly found in Central Texas: the S. compositus complex and the S. vaginiflorus complex. In 2001—2002 I examined all Texas collections for these complexes in the TEX/LL herbaria. I found a large number of disagreements among existing determinations for individual collections (by experts such as R. Riggins (author of "A biosystematic study of the Sporobolus asper complex [Gramineae]," the standard reference for the complex), F. W. Gould (The Grasses of Texas), S. L. Hatch (Director of Tracy Herbarium) and R. L. McGregor (Univ. of Kansas). I also made my own determinations based in large part on spikelet/lemma morphology, and submitted a report on my findings to Tom Wendt, Curator of TEX/LL. [A revised version of my 2002 report.] In 2014 I examined those collections that were not available in 2002.

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