The Patterson Microscopy Center is a University of Texas
User Facility offering confocal and multiphoton microscopy



The Center opened in March 2011.  The purchase of the equipment was funded by a high-end instrumentation grant from the National Institutes of Health and monies provided by the College of Natural Sciences and the Section of Neurobiology.  The Center operates as a UT Service Center.  It provides training and supervision in the use of its microscopes, maintains them, approves the projects that utilize the microscopes, and schedules use of the microscopes.  The goal of the Center is to facilitate vital imaging here on campus and to provide additional access to high quality confocal imaging.  The investigators who obtained the funding have certain priority access, but the microscopes are also available to other users here on campus. 

Contact Information for use of the microscopes: : Jeff Gross, Director of the PMC

Please use email if at all possible. In your email specify whether you desire use of the confocal or the 2-photon. A simple application for use of the microscopes (see "Apply for Use" in menu above) and training (see "Training" in menu) will ultimately be required, but an initial inquiry is advised.

Information on the general features of the center's two microscopes is available at the links below: