Purola - 50 acre site for this study

A Phenological and Morphological Study of Berberis in Northern Hays County (Central Texas)

by Bob Harms  email-here


Distribution of B. swaseyi in Texas B. swaseyi Distribution in the Botanical Literature
Early B. swaseyi discoveries GPS Google display of plants studied


Bloom Phenology Infructescence Phenology
A Phenological Study of B. swaseyi Fruit Color Maturation and Fruit Color of B. swaseyi ID S8


B. trifoliolata X B. swaseyi Hybrids A 5-foliolate "B. trifoliolata"

The Shrub

Shrub Form Stem Dimorphism & Shrub Architecture
Hybrid Shrub Pictures Phenology of Vegetative Growth
The Bush Base — A Lignotuber Extracting a Lignotuber
Barberry Webworm
   (Omphalocera dentosa)


Overview of Leaf Morphology and Phenology in N. Hays County Leaf Characteristics for B. swaseyi and B. trifoliolata in the Botanical Literature
Distinctive Characteristics of Our Berberis in the Current Literature Leaf Form & Size, Leaflet Arrangement, & the Petiole
Leaflet Form & Dimensions The Leaflet Base
Sessile and Stalked Terminal Leaflets B. swaseyi Basal Leaflets and Leaflet Reduction
Spine Base Width & Length Leaflet Surface Features
B. trifoliolata var. glauca Heteroblasty
Stipules Stipule Images
Adaptation of Berberis Leaves to Sun & Shade B. swaseyi Sun and Shade Leaves
B. trifoliolata Sun and Shade Leaves Leaf Thickness by Exposure and Species
Midrib/Lamina Measurements  
Disarticulation of Berberis Leaves Winter Maroon Shift of B. swaseyi

Bud Scales

Cataphylls / Bud Scales Cataphyll Images
Persistent Cataphylls of Berberis in Central Texas Cataphylls in the Berberis/Mahonia Literature

Deciduous & Persistent in Botanical Descriptions


Inflorescence B. trifoliolata & B. swaseyi Racemes
Inflorescence Pictures B. trifoliolata Emerging Short Shoot with Inflorescence
Inflorescence and Flower Bracts Additional Inflorescence Bract Images
Basal Bracteole Pairs


Flowers Flower Details
B. repens Flower Nectaries

Stamen Morphology

Berberis Stamen Morphology B. trifoliolata & B. swaseyi Filament Teeth
The Distinctive Role of Stamen Filaments in Berberis Irritable Stamens
Filament Teeth as an Obstacle to Self-Pollination Earlier Study of Berberis Stamen Irritability


Gynoecium Morphology Longitudinal Cuts of Mature Sized Carpels
Funiculi Images The Style & Pericarp Connection

Fruit & Seeds

Fruit Putative Fruit Characteristics for B. swaseyi and B. trifoliolata

Fertility, Germination, Seedlings

Fertility / Germination Seedling Images / Key

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